Kókai és Társa Ltd. was established as a private enterprise in Jászberény in 1998.

Our main activities are: engineering- and technical consulting, target machine – tool planning and implementation. From the beginning of the 2000s the company’s profile included  plastic processing and the production of plastic parts by injection molding. In 2005 Kókai és Társa Ltd. built a production plant  in Jásztelek. Since this year our company has been operating on its own site. Modern injection molding and metalworking machines have been purchased for the new area. With these types of equipment it is possible to satisfy the customer needs at higher level. Kókai és Társa Ltd. has gradually increased the number of customers and become a direct supplier to many large companies.

In 2007 the company continued to expand its production hall and developed a separate warehouse and a cutting plant. Due to the new facilities it is possible to make the target machines, tools and appliances designed by us in house. CNC cutting machines have also been purchased so we can fulfill our customers’ needs with a more complex service. The purchase of the latest developments design softwares for its modern equipment has empowered us to  plan quickly and flexibly and carry out the tools and target machines. With these softwares three- dimensional models can be designed to significantly reduce creation time and design errors. The economic crisis which began in 2008-2009 also affected the operation of Kókai és Társa Ltd. The number of orders and revenue declined, but we used this stagnant period for searching and developing new opportunities. The company mainly deals with the manufacturing of small plastic parts, so we have started developing and implementing an energy -saving table injection molding machine which can produce the plastic components on a low price. The complete technical design and implementation of the machine were made by Kókai és Társa Ltd., we used external assistance for the controller set up. In parallel with these activities we have developed our plastic processing activity searching for new partners and customers. We can produce plastic parts from 0,05 g to 150 g, even in a small  (1000 pcs/ year) quantities.

Owing to many years of professional experience and precision, Kókai és Társa Ltd. is a supplier of several domestic and international companies. It puts great emphasis to satisfy its partners’ needs utmost and quickly and to improve its plant continuously.

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